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There is a lightness to this bowl...the snake is said to be close to earth’s energies which means quite often it represents a life force...a symbol of opportunities, healing powers, and spiritual guidance. For me l also get lost in the shape, patterns and textures l am able to create.

My gathering bowls are made to embraces the essence of wabi sabi, a multi-purpose organic shaped vessel with curved sides, ready for practical use or to simply sit somewhere to gaze upon until needed...some are also hanging on walls.

Length|Width|Height (organic shape): L 14.5” x W 15” x  H 3” approx. (organic shape) | Weight 5kg. 

 IMPORTANT: Please be aware that depending on location the cost of postage can vary from initially charged by shopify calculations.

All of my stoneware pieces are dishwasher & microwave safe but like anything special we recommend hand washing.

*All approximate due to the handmade organic nature of my gathering bowls
**Price is per gathering bowl.

***Images of the actual gathering bowls available.

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