Hell Wench

"Gritty but pretty."

Artisan 3-Oil Soap Bars

Hell Wench Soap_Rect.jpg

Hell Wench’s 3-oil cold pressed soap is vegan – tested on my husband not animals.

All hand-crafted in small batches by me, cured for a minimum of eight weeks and is perfect for everyone in the family – dog and cat included!

My soap comes in either a solid round ball or a loofah infused disc shaped bar; both are moisturizing and the loofah also adds an addictive exfoliation. All soaps are scented with pure essential oils concocted and blended by me. Current scents include:

  1. Relax + Renew: rosemary, lavender and orange essential oil

  2. Aussie Outback: olive clay with lemon myrtle and eucalyptus essential oil

  3. Wild Rose: rose clay with geranium, pine and orange essential oil

  4. Raven: black clay with amyris wood, clove bud, lemon, black pepper and nutmeg essential oil

Please note that due to the nature of making soap in small batches and by hand, is each bar created is completely unique and slight variations between batches are both normal, and add to the organic charm of handmade soap...ahh, the beauty of handmade!