“the only thing l like better than talking about food is eating”

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My tactile wabi sabi style plates celebrate the materials l use so each has its own wonderful embracing subtle peculiarities…they are created using a method l have developed to optimise the well-worn texture -I form a basic shape then start carving into the whole shape to create a texture your hand wants to grab. Once l have finished carving and am happy with the shape l clean and set to one side and then decorate by hand-painting and etching in the design using a technique called sgraffito. Once art work is finished they are put to one side for two weeks to dry thoroughly, then and only then they are ready for their first of two firings -a bisque fire. Approximately 48 hours after they enter the kiln for the bisque fire they exit for an inspection, clean and to be glazed before their final 48hr glaze firing!

After a glaze fire l then unload the kiln, inspect pieces and then (and only then) they are finally ready…from my hands to yours!
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