“and at the end of the day your hands and feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.”

“and at the end of the day your hands and feet should be dirty, your hair messy and your eyes sparkling.”


This quote says it all for me and sometimes after working all day in the studio while very happy l must look like a wildling from Game of Thrones!  This year’s journey to Summer 2021 has unfolded so quickly that l really have not had time to take a moment and reflect.  l can say adaptability is certainly a necessary commodity during this pandemic - both personally and professionally.  My creative space continues to be a nurturing, creatively messy and a happy place for me - away from the chaos and madness of the pandemic, but this period has most certainly changed my methods of introducing people to my work.  Pre-Covid, contact was via artisan markets. Now, my website and social media continue as the main sources of communication and contact for clients new and old. I am excited that l now have also added a few artfully curated retailers to stock my pieces.  Currently these fabulous small businesses include Anto Yukon HQ (Whitehorse, Yukon); Magpie, etc (Atlin, BC) and No.3 Salon & Mountain Boutique (Fernie, BC) -they are wonderful places to visit, and they support and promote a variety of local artists including themselves.   


At the moment l am working on pieces which will be part of my online website update on September 1! These pieces will include the designs of bears, caribou, moose, stellar jays, woodpeckers, crows, coat and crown, salmon and, of course, a few surprises.


Thank-you to everyone for your ongoing support…the next step is to set upcoming online shop updates, so you know when the latest batch of goodies are about to become available, get the kiln room set up and running and trying to understand the complexities of the ever-changing transpacific postal system!


Please click on the portfolio tab to see some images of my journey to date in 2021 -these are updated as regularly as possible with each new Ramblings of a Hell Wench blog.

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